Lost: Season Three {J.J. Abrams, 2006}

Lost: Season Three {J.J. Abrams, 2006} Episodes: 22

These are my notes from Season Three

Jack reawakens at “The Hydra” in a big tank for sharks and dolphins. Sawyer is in the zoo and Kate is put there too

“Henry Gale” is actually Ben

Hitchhiker that Locke picks up is wearing the geronemo jackson t-shirt, the band that there are albums of in the hatch

In the polar bear cave when john goes to save ecko, he finds a toy dump truck, and skeletons wearing shirts with “the pearl” station logo on them

Desmond said that “lock made a speech” about going to save jack kate and sawyer

Unit 23c- where the 10 million is that the guy in prison with sawyer had stolen

Ecko’s last words as he died were “you are next” or as lock said “we are next”- this is after the black smoke grabs ecko and smashes him into the trees and ground to kill him. What he thought was his brother was not his brother.

“Shepard (jack) wasn’t even on Jacob’s list…who the fuck is jacob!?!?!

desmond can see flashes o things before they happen and he tries to keep saving charlie’s life but “the universe has a way of course-corecting itself” and he tells charlie that he can’t keep trying to save him because no matter what he is going to die

“he walks amongst us, but he is not one of us” is what jack’s tattoo says but “it is not what it means” (jack)

Some Favorite Episodes: S3 Ep10-Hurley drives the van, S4 EP05-Desmond’s Time Traveling,

man with eyepatch is the last living member of the Dharma Initiative- he replied to an advertisement that read “do you want to save the world?” put out by Dharma. He has been on the island for 11 years at the Flame station which communicates to the outside world. He says there was a war between Dharma and “the hostiles” which he did not participate in. He also said the hostiles were on the island for a long time before Dharma was there.

Jack and Claire are brother and sister!!!!!

Locke tells ben that he has a better understanding of the island because Ben is in a wheelchair and he is not, despite the fact that Ben has lived his entire life on the island.

queerest episode ever!!!!- Season 3 Episode 14- beyond pointless

there was a cover up: flight 815 the plane was found and there were no survivors, that’s what the outside world thinks

Screencapture #234 is of “Jacob” who appears invisible to Lock, but Ben can see him. “Jacob is not someone you visit, he is someone who summons you”-Ben. and Jacob is not a fan of technology
Jacob said to Lcok “Help Me”

Roger Work Man, that is found in the hippie van is Ben’s father. He was not born on the island he was brought there. Ben also killed his own father to join with “the hostiles” which includes Richard (the guy who looks like joe orefice) Ben was part of the Dharma initiative who came to the island “seeking harmony” all the people were killed with gas by the hostiles

A station called “The Looking Glass” is underwater and Ben is using it to jam signals from the island so that passing boats can’t pick them up. The symbol of this station is a rabbit (alice in wonderland)

Dester Straton (DS) what charlie’s ring stands for, not Drive Shaft, it was an heirloom past down by his mother. They named the band after the initials

the 5 best moments of Charlie’s life, he writes before swimming into The Looking Glass…his “Greatest Hits”

Nirvana Song : Scentless Apprectice is played in jacks jeep in a flashback when he has a beard. look up lyrics LaterĀ  S4E13/14: Pixies-Gouge Away

Dan Pierce 2/2/2009


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