Lost: Season Two {J.J. Abrams, 2005}

Lost: Season Two {J.J. Abrams, 2005}

These are my notes from season one & Two

Plane = Oceanic Flight 815  (8) (15)
Kate’s toy airplane: 5025
23: Jacks seat on the plain (23B)
42: Anna Lucilia’s seat on the plain (42F)
1516: The Number of the safety deposit box where lock has to get his father’s $600,000

Sawyer’s real name = james (ford)

“What did one snowman say to the other snowman….smells like carrots”       “Live Together Die Alone”

Subjects being monitored are given tasks which they believe to be of the utmost importance
Desmond tries to sail away but he can’t. He says that the world is gone, and they are in a snow globe. the island also has it’s own magnetism. Could it be that Dharma was trying to create a new world?
Calvin said there was a fail safe. he had a key and was gonna terminate the swan facility. The button releases the charge of the natural magnetic energy so it doesn’t build up and get too big

Animals on/around the island = Polar Bear, Pigs, Chicken, Black stallion (horse), Shark with Dharma Logo on tail fin, Huge ass bird that screamed “Hurley!”, beef cow with bell around its neck and dairy cow, cat

Walt sees a bird it dies, his mother died, he had comic book with polar bear, polar bear died…

Claire has dreams of the Black Rock….the black rock is the ship

walt touched lock and told him “don’t open it mr. lock” referring to the hatch but he has no idea about  the hatch. Walt can read peoples minds through touching them?

“Zeke” (old guy who takes Walt) “Walt is a very special boy”

the “Monster” = security system to protect the island. According to Russoe (french woman)

When Echo faces the “Security System” his past flashes within the black smoke before him

$23,000 = What the feds reward was to the farmer who ratted out Kate in Australia

Lock “each one of us was brought here for a reason” who brought us here? “the Island”

Jack “I don’t believe in destiny”
Lock: “yes you do, you just don’t know it yet”

Mrs. Clue = “B” and man with the fake beard is “Tom”

Walt: “They’re not who they say they are, they’re pretending”

Shark in season 2 episode 2 that is trying to attack sawyer has the Dharma logo on it’s fin. but then michael shoots it and it bleeds. Did Dharma create the island and everything around it?

“Others” who infiltrated camps were Ethan and Goodwin

Goodwin “Nathan was not a good person, that’s why he wasn’t on The List” referring to why he killed Nathan and why the “Others” did not take him

The Book of Law = The Old Testament          “Henry” to michael “follow the bearing 325 and you will be rescued. Once you leave you won’t be able to get back here”  …”we’re the good guys michael”

Jin is not able to have children, but on the island Sun gets pregnant by him…the island did it!

“Henry” says he never entered the numbers and that the timer in the hatch reset itself, he said that the station is “a joke”
he was also sent to get lock, that’s where he was headed before he was captured by danielle. He says that Jon is “one of the good ones”

The Island has healing properties…Rose, Locke, Sun, etc

Jack Has a sister? His father was being driven around by anna luciel and he banged on a door drunk asking to see his daughter

-Dan Pierce 2/20/2009


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