Fast & Furious {Justin Lin, 2009}

So after seeing this movie opening day of course, I found myself stuck in quite a nostalgic memory of a happy time in my life.  Yup thats right, the year was 2001 and The Fast And Furious had just come out. The other films in this series of 4 were ok, just fun to watch. The 1st and the 4th seem to have some kind of inpermiable bond. This coming from someone who enjoys cars more than almost anything else. And that is what these films achieved very well, that other films did ok with. It was the hightend sense of the filmakers being able to capture (some) truth in the automotive world, being able to create that almost completly believable atmosphere that most people just dream of. A synergy between actor and auto, which comes across as truth.

That aside, I cant say I was a huge fan of the CG in this film, of the other films, but it was ok, enough to suspend the beilief that it was “real enough”. This movie really brings the viewer back to 2001. Sharing most of the same actors, and some of the same sets. Just an odd sense of history that kind of makes you smile when thinking about it. I was born in 85′ so at the time I was only 16 and still thought the movie was a bit to hollywoodized, even still so enjoyable to watch.  This little review thing im doing might bounce around a bit, so stick with me.

The plot took a piece out of 2 Fast 2 Furious, the part about needing drivers, as well as getting Brian O’connors friends records clean. There also was a very unexpected twist that I didnt see coming, and didnt like at first, but ultimatly it made the film more realistic, and gave all the more reason to watch in wonderment about what the characters were going to do next.  I must say I like how this one ties up a few loose ends from the others. Some of the side stories are very simular, and repeated in films, for example Jordana Brewster and Paul Walker hook up again, lol who saw that coming?! Besides that this film stands by itself outside the others with the amount of emotion displayed, maybe not award winning performances, but great in my mind, believable enough so you never really think what your watching isnt real.

There is also a bit of foreshadowing when Hon feels the heat, and decides to run off to Tokyo, which is obviously where the 3rd film comes into play. Making this film, technically the 3rd on a time line in the series. And dont argue with me, I right godamit, I argued this with a few friends, and after carefull explanation, Im still right!

The ending was dare I say it? Yeah, it was kind of sad, but then you soon see what is really happening and cheer with joy inside, trying to fight off that smile that has been lingering throughout the film. It was a perfect ending, theres really nothing else that can be said about that.

I through in some screen shots found off google, and a picture of both movie posters for a simple comparison.

More to come…

Tyler 4/8/2009


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