Idea for Feature Film Project

Dan Pierce
Feature idea based on a compilation of connected shorts

Inspiration: Four Rooms, New York I love you, Paris, je t’aime.
I immediately thought of the “I love you films” which were done exactly in the style that you guys talked about (a series of shorts that loosely connect to serve an ultimate idea of some kind). Some pretty well-known directors were involved with these projects including: Gus Van Sant, the Coen brothers, Sylvain Chomet, Wes Craven, Tom Tykwer, Alfonso Cuarón, Alexander Payne, etc.

Links here:
New York, I love you:,_I_Love_You
Paris, Je t’aime:,_je_t%27aime

I thought it would be cool to do a similar idea, but with Los Angeles in mind. Now don’t start booing me yet! The two films above are just about love stories that take place in either of the respective cities. I thought it would be a lot cooler to make the film about LA itself.

When I first moved to LA two years ago, I had NO idea what I was in for. I had never been to LA or even California for that matter. Outsiders just see LA as a single entity, but if you live here you realize that it’s a city consisting of a bunch of smaller areas i.e Hollywood, Korea town, Downtown, The Valley, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica etc. (short stories making up a whole). Start to see where I’m going?

So my quick brainstorm idea was to have each short set in one of these areas of LA, and have it revolve around the kinds of people and things that the respective place represents.

In other words, we would get a glimpse into the way of life and the people of each specific area. To people outside of LA it would work as a window into the world of this very interesting city, and for people that live here they could sit back and relate to all of the stories that are taking place.

I’m sure we all live or have lived in various parts of the city and could offer unique perspectives on those areas. Maybe this would be a good way for the directors and actors to choose which short they would work on?

So overall this was just my immediate reaction to the concept. I don’t want to mimic the above-mentioned films, but I think they are a good jumping off point.

In fact I’m sure there is probably already a “Los Angeles, I Love You” in the works…

Anyways, just my idea. Thought I would throw it out there now and get a head start on next Mondays brainstorming session. Thanks -Dan


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