JP3D Nostalgia

I finally saw Jurassic Park in 3D, and it was awesome! Leaving the theater I realized I should have been there opening night to see it with a big audience, nevertheless I had a good time. I’ve always had a sweet spot for JP, as it’s one of my earliest theatrical memories. I would have been 8 yrs old in 1993 when it was originally released; A perfect age for the subject matter. Ill never forget coming out of the theater, with the T-Rex scene still fresh in my mind, only to find that it was raining outside the theater and eerily reminiscent of the aforementioned scene. I remember feeling as if I were INSIDE that scene and as we walked down the sidewalk of The Hoyts theater, close to the wall under the blue awnings, I pretended I WAS there. That memory is very clear. Now twenty years later I’m able to get even closer to being in that scene thanks to the amazing 3D work done on an already impressive movie. All nostalgia aside I mainly focused on the storytelling and technical aspects of JP this time around and I have to say it really hasn’t aged that much. Sure the fashion styles are a bit different and the effects are slightly dated, but overall thanks to the great Stan Winston and other technical departments, the visuals hold up really well. The practical animatronic Dino’s still feel real to me. Watching Dr. Grant listening to a sick triceratops breathing has never felt more real, and the world itself is intact due to some really great cinematography. Great depth of field, composition and unique angles all lend themselves beautifully to the 3D element. I found myself exploring the details of every frame and even feeling like I was watching storyboards in motion at times. I know some people don’t care for 3D, but I really appreciate how it brings images right to my face and allows me to examine them more closely. I find myself being more impressed with the world that has been created on screen when I can see it so clearly, and more than once I noticed a few things I don’t remember seeing before now. Overall it breathed fresh air into an old film that I’ve seen numerous times across different formats. This is just a brief overview of the film and it’s transition into 3D, so with everything in mind I highly recommend JP3D (as I’ve grown fond of calling it) to anyone who has yet to see it in it’s new incarnation, and more so to those who have never sat back and experienced the entertainment that flows from this Spielberg classic.


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