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I had a pretty obvious yet powerful revelation yesterday. You can’t please everyone. That’s right, it is impossible to please everyone. I was surfing IMDB as usual and my favorite thing to do now is check the comments page with the love/hate criteria. This allows you to see posts right next to eachother that are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I started surfing every film I could think of and realized that there is nothing that can exist without someone hating it. Citizen Kane, yep people hate it. Seven Samurai, definitley hated by some. I checked Jaws, Forest Gump, Pulp Fiction, even fucken Planet Earth!! People take issue with Planet Earth!?  My favorite comment was extracted from the Jaws page where I found this…

Listen, no one should see any horror movies ever, ever, ever, because when it comes down to it, they just breed or perpetuate fear inside us all ALL. That being said, if you choose to subject yourself to such destructive media, at least have sense enough to protect the innocent and Do Not Let Any Child Watch Jaws Or Other Horror Films. I speak from experience when I say these words. At the tender age of 10 years old my dear mother allowed my sister and I to eat spaghetti (of all foods) on TV trays as we ignorantly watched Jaws mesmerized by the suspense and gore only to our demise as potential ocean lovers. I am 31 years old now and am still working hard to rid myself of “sharkaphobia” (or whatever the psychological term is). Have some common sense parents!!!! (he gave Jaws one star)

So apparently this jackass isn’t a fan of Jaws simply because it traumatized him/her as a child and scarred him/her for the rest of their life, go figure. Now that really sucks, but the moron is only judging the film based on content perceived by his/her 10 yr old mind. His rating has nothing to do with the film itself, it’s more like the sequel to Jaws (it’s revenge bitch). Another great move I love are the people who do not rate the films on IMDB, but rather the ratings of the ratings of films. To make it clear I mean to say that people will give a really highly rated film a single star, not because they truly believe that is what it deserves, but to try and adjust for inflation of the films popularity. This also works in reverse. WTF.

Simply put this made me realize what I love about film; Content & Context. I watch a film not only to be entertained by the content, but also the technical aspects, the artistic pieces, the making of the film, etc. Then I thought about this Blog and what it means for Tyler and me to talk about films and share our thoughts with others. I know that Tyler is entertained primarily through content, but he throws out technical appreciation as well as other factors. I tend to be engaged and entertained through the filmmaking itself and not solely the content, depending on the film this can change. For example, I love Evil Dead, but is it really the bad acting and ridiculousness of the content that I love? Or is it the shoe-string budget, crazy ass camera angles, sound effects, and rags to riches entry of Sam Raimi into the industry love? Likewise Lord of the Rings is a monumental achievement in filmmaking, so what do I enjoy more? Sam carrying Frodo up Mt. Doom spouting “I can’t carry it for you Mr. Frodo, but I can carry you!” while I sit and cry, or am I just as entertained by the hours of extras on the extended editions. It’s both. I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t always seperate the context of a film with the film itself and all of it together is what entertains me. When confronted in a discussion by a drunk in Alaska as to which film I liked more (Clerks. or Pulp Fiction) I had to say Clerks. It seems fucked up, but I stated that part of my love for that film was due in part by the journey it took in order to even be made and subsequently sold to Miramax (watch Snowball Effect and you’ll understand) I cherish the bullshit that film went through while also appreciating its characters and amazingly realistic dialogue. I will also post something soon which will drive home my point (Clerks. is Amature, but Ozu’s Floating Weeds is a masterpiece bullshit) I understand that Pulp Fiction is a better piece of filmmaking in terms of technical achievements and insane detail (watch the film with the trivia track), but again I sometimes bring context into the mix and it diludes my thoughts. Read about how much Tarantino steals and it kinda brings his films down a bit. Similarly films like Citizen Kane carry both a lot of context and content. In a film class you will discuss the many innovations this film brought to the industry during the time. Nowadays people are not impressed by shots of ceilings, or extreme low angles and matte shots, which were breakthroughs in the craft at the time of the films release. However I would argue that Citizen Kane is such a strong content and technical film that it breaks these former contextual barriers and is still amazing to this day. A story of a mans life told completely through the lives of others, with depth of field that will blow your mind (only matched by Barry Lyndon), and production value out the ass.

What I am getting at is that I will primarily use this blog in order to post screenshots and discuss films that I like. It is not a site critiquing or bashing films, it is a site that will offer insight and information concerning context and content. That’s why people watch films, to be entertained and to a degree educated. Hopefully this Blog can work toward the same goals.

PS: I dare anyone to find a film on IMDB that doesn’t have a one star rating. And I also suggest Tyler post below this so that I stop putting words in his mouth.

Dan Pierce- 02/17/2009


  1. So I actually found a film that doesn’t have a hate review for it (less than two stars on imdb.

    She’s gotta have it: Spike lee

    Now someone is bound to write a bad review…
    Dan/ 3/31/2009

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I love film and decided to share my thoughts and try and start discussions on the net. For a more in-depth analysis of things visit the “Extended About Section” page.

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Dan Pierce- 02/17/2009

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