Screening Q&A’s

Finally, I bring to you ‘Screening Q&A’s!

Let me explain. I’ve been living in Los Angeles for almost 4 years now (Oct. 16th 2013 = 4 year anniversary). In that time I’ve been lucky enough to go to a lot of screenings and take advantage of some great opportunities to see special guests such as cast/crew and specifically Directors. Starting in the fall of 2012 I got an iPhone and realized I had a tool to actually record these events. I’m an avid commentary nerd, often ripping and syncing dvd comm tracks to my ipod/iphone to listen on the go or around the house. I love to hear information on projects directly from the people who worked on them and being able to re-listen to some of these great conversations was something I really wanted. So here it goes, I’ve been meaning to post these for a long time and here they are!

TECH: Let me also say that I’m a little lazy right now so I’m not going to be doing any editing or audio adjustments unless really needed. The majority of these should be pretty clear, but for the record these are iPhone recordings and may not always be the best quality so bear with me. PS: this is also a work in progress, so I’ll be adjusting the layout and stuff randomly trying to find the best way to organize it all. Files might not be loaded, it might be unorganized, etc.

lady and the tramp (1955) Flashback series <T: Directors Guild of America (DGA) Theater #1><G: Guy who restored it and suzannes friend> 10/17/2012

Argo (2012) <T: Directors Guild of America (DGA) Theater #1><G: editor: William Goldberg> 10/23/2012

Bernie (richard linklater, 2012) <T: Harmony Gold> <G: Richard Linklater & Jack Black> 10/28/2012

Psycho (alfred hitchcock) <T: The Egyptian> 11/10/2012
Hitchcock 2012 <T: The Egyptian> <G: Director: sacha Gervasi. Costume designer: and writer of the book it was based on: > 11/10/2012

rise of the guardians <T: mary pickford academy of motion picture arts> <G Producer, director and Guiermo del toro!) 11/20/2012

Castaway (zemeckis) <T: The Aero> 12/2-3/2012
Flight (robert zemeckis, 2012) <T: The Aero> <G: Robert Zemeckis> 12/2/2012

The silver lining playbook (david o Russell) <T: TV academy burbank> <G: David o’Russell, bruce coen, john gordon, judy becker, masa takayanagi, Bradley Cooper, jay cassidy Danny Elfman> 12/3/2012

Pride And Prejudice (joe wright)<T: The Aero> 12/5-6/2012
Anna Karenina <T: The Aero> <G: Keira Knightley, Joe Wright> 12/5/2012

Following (christopher nolan) <T: The Egyptian> <G: Christopher Nolan> 12/6/2012

Milk (gus van sant) <T: Egyptian> 12/10-11/2012
the promised land (gus van sant 2012) <T: The egyptian> <G: Gus Van Sant> 12/10/2012

Django Unchained (tarantino, 2012) <T: Academy on Wilshire: Samuel Goldwyn theater?> <G: Quentin Tarantino & Elvis Mitchell> reception followed in the lobby 12/19/2012

Apocalypto (mel gibson) mayan calendar countdown series <T: The Egyptian> <G: Producer/writer? and Mel Gibson> 12/20/2012

The Town (Ben Affleck) <T: Aero> 1/17/2013
Argo (Ben Affleck, 2012) <T: Aero><G: Ben Affleck> 1/17/2013

Zero Dark Thirty (bigelow, 2012) <T: Directors Guild of America (DGA) Theater #1><G: two editors and sound designer) 1/23/2013

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon<T: The Aero><G: Ang Lee> 2/1-2/2013
Life of Pi (in 3D)<T: The Aero><G: Ang Lee> 2/1/2013

Silverlinings Playbook<T: The Aero><G: Harvey Weinstein & Robert De Niro> 2/4/2013

Demons (1985)<T: New Beverly Cinemas> <G: Geretta Geretta>3/26/2013

Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie (2013)<T: New Beverly Cinemas><G: Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes> 5/5-6/2013
Kevin Smith’s Cartoon lagoon EP: One ‘The Sea Men<T: New Beverly Cinemas> 5/5/2013
Pre-Movie trailers of various view askew stuff and new bev vintage promos<T: New Beverly Cinemas> 5/5/2013

Int’l Cinematographers Guild Emerging Cinematographer Awards 2012 <T: The Egyptian> <G: Steven Poster, Michael Pescasio, Daron Keet, James Takata, Michael Alden Lloyd, Robert C. Webb, Pete Villani> Short Films In Order of Screening: Don’t Let Your Love Annihilate, Ripple Effect, Only Child, Dawn, The Money Pet, Cowards and Monsters, The Girl in the Dark, The Carrier, Angel, Carjack> 5/9/2013

X-Files The Truth Is Out There [20th Anniversary Co-presented by the Art Directors Guild Film Society]
Two Episodes with discussion before, in-between and after
Je Souhaite THE X-FILES Season 7 EP21 (shown First)
Triangle THE X-FILES Season 6 EP3 (shown Second)
<T: The Egyptian> <G:production designer Corey Kaplan, writer-producer-director Vince Gilligan and creator-writer-producer-director Chris Carter. Moderated by production designer John Muto> 5/19/2013

Much Ado About Nothing [pre-screening] (2012)<T: The Aero><G: Joss Wheddon> 6/3/2013

Dial M For Murder (3D Restoration) (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954) <T: Academy on Wilshire: Samuel Goldwyn theater?> <G: Martin Scorsese (via pre-taped intro) & Rob Legato> (Rob introduced the restoration after the Scorsese intro and showed some 3D technology breakdowns 6/19/2013

The ghastly love of johnny x <T: The Egyptian> <G:Paul Bunnell, Will Keenan, Creed bratton, Reggie Bannister, Rebecca Burchett (to name a few: basically the whole cast was there. Tons of people involved with the production including the musicians who played before the screening> 6/20/2013

Point break (1991) <T: Oscars Outdoors: 1341 Vine Street, Hollywood> <G: Lori Petty, Howard Smith (sound) & David MacMillan (sound)> 7/19/2013

Donnie Darko (Theatrical Version) <T: Eat/See/Hear: Santa Monica High School Baseball FIeld> <G: Richard Kelly (intro for film plus Meet and Greet- I talked to him for about 10 mins!)> 8/3/2013

The Abyss (Theatrical Cut) (I sat in the very front row, first in line!)<T: Cinefamily silent movie theater> <G: 9 guests total including moderator> 8/8/2013

Rushmore (1998) <T: Oscars Outdoors: 1341 Vine Street, Hollywood> <G: Jason Schwartzman, Austin Gorg (assistant art director), David Moritz (editor), Barry mendel (producer)> 8/17/2013

Repulsion (Polanski) <T: The Egyptian> 8/18-19/2013
Rosemary’s Baby (Polanski) <T: The Egyptian><G: James Greenberg (author of Polanski book) > 8/18/2013

The Apu Trilogy (Film#1:Song of the Little Road & #2:The Unvanquished) (Satyajit Ray, 1955-59) <T: Academy on Wilshire: Samuel Goldwyn theater?> <G: actress Sharmila Tagore, Dilip Basu, With a special introduction by Satya Bhabha>  9/6/2013

The Apu Trilogy (Film#3:The World of Apu) (Satyajit Ray, 1955-59) <T: Academy on Wilshire: Samuel Goldwyn theater?> <G: actress Sharmila Tagore, Dilip Basu, moderated by Michael Pogorzelski>  9/9/2013

Prisoners [pre-screening] (2013)<T: The Aero><G: Denis Villeneuve> 9/11/2013


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